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This is not just our philosophy. It’s a promise.
A&P is the trusted partner you need on your real estate investment journey. Independent of any institution, we offer bespoke, turnkey solutions and an unparalleled level of service to meet your needs.
From real estate research to legal and tax planning, as well as rental management and resale, discover expertise at every step of the way.

- Sébastien Rogge

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Invest in Detroit

Spectacularly recovering its economy, with companies like Google and Fiat-Chrysler (re)investing heavily, Detroit is the city of a Big Comeback. High rent to value, economic dynamism, and a large tenant pool make it a prize city. Consider investing in Detroit; let this be your smartest decision today.

What makes A&P unique?

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by Antom & Partners
Antom and Partners and our investment focus
Antom and partners founder Sebastien Rogge has been optimizing investor returns via real estate for the last 25 years, through properties in specific tax zones in France and above average yielding properties in Europe and the U.S.A.
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