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A good wealth manager can be your main learning curve

Investing can be prosperous and fun even, but this comes after a learning process you simply must do. Today, people can discover investing tips and insights on the palm of their hand. But the experience of the full-time investing professional can never be outmatched.

Bernard, 60 years old with a background in the insurance industry didn't just become an investor by chance. He's a self-made man. The learning process can be hard in this business, but with the help of experienced professionals, it can be different. A serial investor like Bernard shares his experience.
Bernard was looking for security, spenting a lot of time investing on the stock markets. He came to knowledge that today’s volatility is extremely stressful. Higher risk means lower security, so at his age, he was beginning to feel a little discouraged. Untill he met Sebastien. 

A&P: What motivated you to invest with Antom and Partners?

BERNARD: Sebastien (Sebastien Rogge, A&P Founder and CEO). The whole Miami successful run influenced my decision. He talks about US investments with a passion, proven experience, and has a win-win vision, where it feels like we are all part of the same adventure. Extremely dynamic, charismatic, contagious personality. He felt like someone I could trust, like the whole team could be trusted, and I have never been let down.
I invested at the beginning of the adventure, and it must be said that things were a little more complicated/unpredictable, in the early stages. It took some time to streamline the processes, but I have reinvested several times. I am delighted to see that things continue to evolve in the right direction. By now, everything has become so clear, so easy and transparent. I sleep on my two ears. Also, one thing must be said : given my profile, despite all the trust, the cool promises, and the potential, I would have never invested without going there myself. I visited Detroit several times, more than just visiting the actual properties, given my experience, I knew I had to live the city experience, make my appreciation of how things were in Detroit, get a clear picture of everything around it, the ecosystem, the trend, the dynamics….

A&P: So, seeing it with your own eyes was a decision point for you?

Yes, going there was key. In fact, of the group of people that I went with, most went there with an idea to buy x number of houses. It turns out that they bought double of what they had initially planned ! I would encourage every investor to go themselves. I for one have gone several times and have witnessed the city changing in just a few years. AND, I didn’t go in the rough years, the 2013-2014. Still in recent months, things just go so quickly. Given my profile, going there was key.
A&P: How would you rate A&P as a company, and their services? Is there any room for improvement which you have specifically identified?

BERNARD: Things were originally a little more complicated in the early years, uncertain, but things have been streamlined, and the intervention of someone like Alessandro Malandra (new Process Manager singe 2017), who went through all the processes to make things run smooth was fantastic. Every new time I invested, it was just that much better. 
I am delighted with team France’s work, always available at the other end of the line. Unfortunately, time difference with the US does imply some delay, at times, and it took some time for the local team in Detroit to deliver the quality of service demanded by a European/culturally different clientele, and I have witnessed some management differences, but that’s just normal. And overall, as I cannot stress enough, it keeps getting better as time goes by.

A&P: When looking back at what was promised and what you signed for, how well has your investment performed? Do you feel that A&P have delivered on their targets, and kept their promises?

BERNARD: Absolutely 100% quality. High 5 to Alessandro Malandra, Audrey Lescaut, Thomas Simoni. 

A&P: Do you think of investing more?

BERNARD: Overall i'm extremly satisfied. Even if things were not as good as they were 2 years ago, this association has changed my life, I am much less stressed now. I am now with TANGIBLE assets, high security, high yield, a soaring market. I do actively recommend A&P to my family/relatives, as a partner and if I were given unlimited credit, not scared to say 90% would go in there.

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