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Antom and Partners and our investment focus

Antom and partners founder Sebastien Rogge has been optimizing investor returns via real estate for the last 25 years, through properties in specific tax zones in France and above average yielding properties in Europe and the U.S.A.

Antom and Partners have been procuring assets in the U.S. since 2010: single family units, multi family units and university housing in Miami and Detroit. We’ve procured assets for individual investors and created a fund that invested directly into Miami single family units and generated a positive return of 7.2% per year as well as an IRR at exit of 14.97%.

Our latest investment focus is in the state of Michigan in ready built affordable housing in the immediate Detroit area. Since opening our office in Detroit in 2015 we have procured 2500 single family units for individual investors with a fully managed process where our investors simply receive regular payments on their account without having to manage the property directly. Unfortunately current house market prices are on the rise in our target area lowering the net yield by 25% compared to 4 years ago.

To counter the inflating individual house prices we changed our model and created Capital Gain US 5 where we purchase bulk from institutional sellers at an average discount to cash-purchase of 60%.
Capital Gain US 5 is private equity opportunity that allows our shareholders to receive:
●    a fixed net yield of 8% on a quarterly basis
●    participate in 1034 rented, single family houses and diversify direct investment risk
●    Receive a fixed bonus of 5-12% on exit and variable bonus of 25%-45% over a 5 year term

If you want to find out more about Antom and Partners and Capital Gain US 5 feel free to explore our Detroit Deal.

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