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Spectacularly recovering its economy, with companies like Google and Fiat-Chrysler (re)investing heavily, Detroit is the city of a Big Comeback. High rent to value, economic dynamism, and a large tenant pool make it a prize city. Consider investing in Detroit; let this be your smartest decision today.

We invest in high-yield real estate in key areas of Detroit and diversify into over 1000 properties.

Long-standing partnerships with only top-tier banks, legal/financial advisors, brokers, and property managers have enabled us to put exclusive agreements into place; today, we buy properties at an unbeatable bulk price (60-80% of pre-crisis levels)

We have found, bought, managed and sold close to 1000 properties in Detroit for over three years now, making us the #1 company in Europe for foreign direct investment in Michigan.


Why Detroit?

In economic terms, Detroit has unquestionably been the most severely impacted metropolitan area in recent American history.
The double-blow (subprime mortgage crisis, combined with the US automotive industry crisis) that impacted the capital of Michigan led to the first major metropolitan area bankruptcy and bailout, in 2013.
Only years later, Detroit is reborn from its ashes; and the city’s renaissance is spectacular:

  • The highest growing real estate market in North America (Bloomberg)
  • Debt-free city
  • Ford, General Motors & Chrysler, all based in Detroit, today manufacture 92% of US-made cars
  • Microsoft, Google, and most IT giants have established regional headquarters in Detroit
  • Detroit-born billionaire Dan Gilbert has invested a total $5.6 billion in the city
  • Detroit is today the new hype place of culture, capital of the Arts, and one of the most prized destination for tourists in the United States of America

The Detroit Deal

The A&P Detroit offering consists of a unique co-investment opportunity whereby we create a fixed (known) and sustainable income for all our partner-investors:

  • Residential real estate in select neighborhoods
  • Brick-and-mortar properties, currently priced $80,000 - $100,000 per unit, bought at -30% bulk price
  • Vendor loan financing
  • $850 monthly rental

Discover more with our Detroit project summary and insights.

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