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Taxation on revenue is higher in France than in the vast majority of developed countries, and one of the country’s biggest concerns. We are at the forefront of every new investment solution that allows French fiscal residents to optimize their fiscal situation and create real-estate patrimony with a tax-exemption lever.

Given the multitude of different tax exemption solutions available, today’s market is saturated with offers. Unfortunately, the overall quality of different investment schemes varies strongly from one area to another but also depending on the promoter in charge, and many other characteristics.
This is why it has become essential to solicit the advice of an independent group, which proudly boasts 25 years of experience in this specific area.
Together, we will take the time to analyze your fiscal and patrimonial situation, evaluate what alternatives are available, and deliver a turnkey solution.



The PINEL Law allows French taxpayers to benefit from an abatement of up to 63 000€ over 12 years on their income tax. 
In order to deal with the lack of housing in saturated urban areas (population-wise), the French government establishes a specific zoning of the national territory, in order to define which parts are eligible to the PINEL investment scheme. Property developers will launch new constructions in such urban areas where the demand for property rental far exceeds supply. In order to finance such developments, taxpayers are incentivized to invest in such programs with considerable tax cuts as key advantage.

Who can apply?

French taxpayers who:

  • Pay more than 3 000€ per year in income tax
  • Have a low debt ratio
  • Want to create/increase their investment portfolio without reducing their purchasing power
  • With a limited saving capacity
  • No available capital is required

Main investment target?

To build equity within 10 years:

  • To finance a project
  • To pay for children's education
  • To finance anticipated credit repayment
  • To safeguard one’s family in case of tough times 
  • To generate rental income and diversify revenue streams
  • To include real estate as an asset class
  • To reduce one’s tax burden efficiently

Highlights of our offering:

  • 0% down payment required
  • Average 20-25% annual net yield
  • Up to 10 000€ cumulated annual tax exemption
  • Since the mid-90s, we have commercialized over 5000 lots via different tax-exemption levers across France
  • The strength of our historical partnerships grants us access to 100% of the national real estate tax-exemption offering
  • From the analysis of your fiscal/patrimonial situation all the way to the resale of the investment (in 6, 9 or 12 years), we remain at your side, ensuring you peace of mind at every step of the way


The status of “non-professional furnished rental” has existed in France since 1949, and is open to all French taxpayers who want to prepare for their retirement.
It concerns the leasing of furnished housing, for which gross revenue do not exceed 23.000€ per year for the owner or 50% of his/her global annual income.
This status applies to several types of private housing: student residences, business residences, tourism residences and EHPADs (nursing homes for dependent elderly persons), but we have chosen to specifically focus on the latter.

Why invest in an EHPAD?

  • An extremely promising and reliable market in the long run

With increasing life expectancy and a lack of adapted structures, the EHPAD market is promising and the risk of oversupply is almost non-existent.

  • A favorable taxation

The taxation of an EHPAD investment has several advantages: it allows investors to benefit from the LMNP status (non-professional furnished rental) thanks to which rental income is not liable for tax.

  • Rent is guaranteed by a commercial lease

Upon investing in a healthcare room, you will be signing a commercial lease with the property management company. A commercial lease guarantees rent for a duration of 9 to 11 years (renewable) and is signed with the property management company – not the tenant – thus eliminating the risk of vacancy or unpaid rent.

  • Interesting profitability

The ROI of an EHPAD is 4.5% on average, and is usually more consistent for investments on the secondary market – namely nursing homes that are already operating.


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