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If the shoe fits... An investor's tale

Investing might be something out of your comfort zone. How about investing beyond borders? Hold your horses because this might be just the right fit for you. Listen carefully to the story of one particular shoemaker from France.

Investing in real estate abroad is a venture on its own merits. Sending your capital far away from home might be seen as the big players' trade. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Thomas A, a 30 year old creator, owner and director of a luxury shoe brand in France, thought just the opposite. His country of choice was the U.S., and his search led him to look at Detroit. This is his tale.

A&P: What motivated you to invest with Antom and Partners?

THOMAS: I was immediately seduced by Sebastien’s personality. I had previously met other wealth managers that commercialized Detroit-based property investments, but none had the charisma and motivation of Sebastien. Detroit investments are increasingly popular in France, so, I took the time to compare different wealth management companies. This is the one I can strongly recommend with 100% confidence. The way things were presented, the full packaged offering, that was incredibly appealing, and crucial in my opinion. Everything was presented simply and effectively - a real turnkey solution, and whatever question I had was already answered before I had to ask. However, going to Detroit personally was essential before making my decision. A&P have a local office down there, which is extremely reassuring. Meeting the team, understanding the organization, are little things that made me feel confident I was making the right decision. 

A&P: How would you rate A&P as a company, and their services? Is there any room for improvement which you have specifically identified?

THOMAS: Whether looking at the investment process, its overall simplicity, transparency of information and costs, reactivity of the different team members, communication, and the overall quality of service, I have been fully satisfied by my experience so far. The team is always helpful, within reach immediately and responsive, whenever I have a question. 

A&P: When looking back at what was promised and what you signed for, how well has your investment performed? Do you feel that A&P have delivered on their targets, and kept their promises?
THOMAS: So far, my investments have performed very well, 100% in line with what has been promised. There are no unwanted surprises, since every expense has been budgeted, and every possible contingency has been factored in beforehand, giving an investor like me complete peace of mind. In terms of immediate return, A&P have delivered outstandingly  well and been true to the original financial model they presented me. No other competitors I spoke to had safeguarded their U.S. real estate investment products to the same level, or at least it was not presented as cleary as with A&P.
I intend to sell my investments back in 5 years’ time, and there is always uncertainty concerning future market prices down the road. However, given average yearly increases, the gradual correction of the market, A&P’s vendor financing model and the ability to buy at bulk price, I am extremely confident, and am convinced that I have played things safely.

A&P: If you were given unlimited credit, what percentage would you invest via A&P? Do you think of investing more?

THOMAS: Given my age and professional goals, I intend to diversify my portfolio and possibly reinject capital in my business, but at least 30% of what money I have in the future will be dedicated to creating international patrimony. So far, I have no reason to look elsewhere, as A&P are constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities in the U.S. and elsewhere.
A&P: Is investing via A&P something you would recommend to your friends and family?

THOMAS: 100%, I actively do this on a regular basis. We live in a world where wealth management professionals are visible everywhere, but a quality contact is something that you will usually discover via word of mouth, and I totally believe in that.

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