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Invest your golden years now

Investing you always invest the same thing – yourself. That’s why is good to start sooner than later and get ready to enjoy the retirement years like you deserve, with style.

Béatrice C, a 53 years old owner-director, can vouch on that. With her company based in Antibes (France) that specializes in yachting equipment, she handles a very demanding job. Together with her husband, she has a plan to enjoy their retirement. Investing in real estate came out to be the perfect generator for their retirement fund. This is their experience. 

A&P: What motivated you to invest with Antom and Partners?

BÉATRICE: Strictly speaking, it was Sebastien and his passion. My husband and have been approached before by other wealth managers. We wanted to do something for our retirement plans. We wanted to generate new permanent revenue streams, but we’ve never had a clear vision of how to do it. Sebastien from Antom and Partners was the first wealth manager who gave us the vision of achieving our goal. His approach was humane with a safe and clear offering. Simplicity was key for us. Our first investment was the Miami project. The fact that Miami was overall a very positive operation made us want to continue with Detroit.

A&P: How would you rate A&P as a company, and their services? Is there any room for improvement which you have specifically identified?

BÉATRICE: We are very demanding in terms of quality of service, as we own/manage a company in a very demanding industry (yachting), so we know the importance of this. Generally speaking, a lot of people within the company are real experts in their fields (Sebastien, Marie-Claude Faraut Accounting Manager is brilliant, etc.). The only thing we can complain a bit was hard to get in touch sometimes with someone early in the morning (before 10 am). But we understand that with the time difference (heavy focus on USA operations), the office opens later than us and closes later. But overall we are very happy with Antom and Partners.

A&P: When looking back at what was promised and what you signed for, how well has your investment performed? Do you feel that A&P have delivered on their targets, and kept their promises?

BÉATRICE: Yes, it was delivered as well as we would have hoped for. Miami yielded high, which is why we were so motivated to invest in Detroit. So far, so good, the return is exactly what we expected, hopefully, at the end of the 5-year plan, our Land Contract investments can be sold back with real estate prices that have come back to pre-crisis levels. Naturally, with future predictions on a real estate market, some things are uncertain. But, generally speaking, delighted with the expected return.

A&P: Do you think of investing more?

BÉATRICE: Not sure we will continue reinvesting in 5 years, as we believe that, with what we have, we will be comfortable enough for our retirement. It will soon be time to enjoy, not think too hard.  There is a chance that we reinvest a portion. We are not against it, but not if we have enough for a happy retirement. 


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