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Miami is one of the unmissable US real-estate investment destinations. With approximately 70% of the local population renting properties, Miami is a prime example of an affordable-rent-city, as well as a unique destination for travel, entertainment, culture, and sports, giving our investors a unique advantage.

In 2010, Antom & Partners began venturing into the U.S. property market in Miami and created an investment vehicle that yielded a fixed return of 7% per year (+ bonus). Backed by the right local partnerships, we were able to acquire a large property portfolio in Miami that generated a premium at the exit.
Our success was brought on by a careful study of the market opportunities and firm control over the exit strategy from the onset. Our analysis quickly proved that Miami was a unique location for investors. Constantly and methodically studying the market for new opportunities, we identified promising assets in three key areas:

  1. Brickell
  2. South Beach
  3. Art district

The Miami Deal

We began our investment spree in these 3 neighbourhoods, where our purchase volume enabled us to get discounted prices in a distressed market that generated high yields. We created a virtuous financial ecosystem that brought unique investment opportunities usually reserved for large financial institutions. This was made possible by locking strategic partnerships with the best local brokers, lawyers, financial institutions, and property managers.
Our team’s expertise ensured that the investment was made in favorable market conditions, with steady and managed rentals, and, above all, certainty at the entry that we could exit at any given time with an added value.

  • EUR 7 million raised and deployed within 6 months
  • Fixed 7% net return per year for all investors
  • Set bonus at the exit
  • All investors were part of the Class B shares and were prioritized at the exit

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