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Choosing the right partner – the key to reliability

The quality of partnerships and the reliability of one’s network is absolutely key to the success of any international venture. In order for Antom and Partners to provide bespoke, tailored solutions, we rely on a web of trusted professionals with local expertise that spans across three continents.

In the case of real estate investments it was vital to identify and join forces with experienced, trustworthy collaborators in specific fields; property management, law, accounting and banking.

D3 Gestion Immobilière (based in Detroit, and whom we have been working with since early 2016) provides a comprehensive service from real estate brokering to property management, without which we could not operate as efficiently and on such a wide scale. 
The team is responsible for:

  • finding and selecting all the real estate products that make up our portfolio following a list of specific requirements, so that every asset we own/commercialize is up to standards
  • processing all the tenancy applications, there again making sure that every occupant matches our stringent requirements
  • managing all rental issues
  • Our Michigan-based property management partner has a wealth of experience in US real-estate and investment products, and moved from France to America several years ago already. His international profile and professionalism ensure that operations in Detroit flow smoothly. He today runs one of the biggest property management firms in Detroit for international investors.

It was critical to work in partnership with someone on the ground and that is precisely how D3 Gestion Immobiliere operates; their local office is situated at the epicentre of where we commercialize our properties, and most property managers are locals living in the same area. Each employee manages 100-120 properties, their knowledge of the neighbourhood and of the tenants being a real advantage.

Exco (based in Miami) is our trusted accountant since 2011 for all US-based matters. Above providing expert (and much-needed) international accounting services, this company liaises permanently with our french clientele to answer any query. Once per year, Exco will send out a full, comprehensive and up-to-date income statement to each of our clients that has opened an LLC. As time goes by our partnership with Exco keeps getting tighter ; we now trust them to open our clients’ LLCs directly. Resourceful, trustworthy, expert and diligent, all you could hope for. Within the world of accounting, Exco is a name that will sound familiar to most, one of the main French accounting corporations that has developed internationally for years now (with a strong focus on the United States). We have been working with them since the early days of our Miami venture, one of Sebastien’s earlies contacts in Miami having recommended their local office. A&P is today Exco Miami’s biggest client, which has translated over the years into reinforced collaboration and more personalized solutions adapted to A&P’s clientele.

EPGD (based in Miami) is the law firm we have chosen to work with since 2018, following Exco’s advice. A large firm with services that encompass every aspect of personal and corporate life, and a very successful one too. Missions they have provided us include:

  • legal advice for the creation of Capital Gain US 5 LLC
  • drafting of the company’s statute, operating agreement and investment package
  • monitoring of the modifications implemented to Capital Gain US 5 LLC

EGPD’s added value: a full, comprehensive knowledge of products like Capital Gain US 5. They have in fact developed a lot of similar ventures in the past. Above drafting the full set of legal documents for CGUS 5 they offer invaluable advice in terms of the viability of the project/business plan, and from the early stages gave us their full support.

Finally, our banking partners: local expertise is always essential which is why we have decided to work with regional banks only. 

Interaudi (US): one of Sebastien’s historical banking partners (since 2011) where customer service actually means something. Its medium size and scope translates into enhanced added value and bespoke solutions. We use them as our custodian bank in the US and also to open accounts for our clients (non-residents). We have also recently opened channels of communication with Popular Bank, down in Florida. At maturity of the investment plan Interaudi and Banco Popular are the institutions that have agreed to discuss the refinancing of all Detroit-based assets up to 70%. Interaudi’s added value : a US private bank of renoun headquartered in New York City, with local offices in Miami. It was essential to establish a contact of proximity with Interaudi, which is exactly what we have done ; Sebastien has met and speaks to the bank’s founder and managing director on a regular basis.

Caisse d’Epargne and Société Générale (FR): Two renowned and very well-established French banks with which Antom and Partners has been working for decades now 

RAK Bank (UAE): Our custodian bank for operations in the Middle East and payments facilitator (since the opening of A&P’s offices in Dubai). 

The main underlying idea behind the choice of our partnerships was to create a network of trusted (important enough) yet local partners. Antom and Partners is itself deeply rooted in the PACA region and has taken the time to develop its local image before going international. Using established partners that people will recognize on a local scale helps us gain credibility quickly and join forces with companies that share similar size, scope and a common vision.

"Think global, act local" the motto which in our vision sums it all up.

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